2015 Short-term Missions

Roca Blanca

Roca Blanca Team

The Roca Blanca trip is mainly geared for families to experience missions for the first time. We are recruiting three families and three singles to conduct a three-day VBS in a village and help with any construction needs. In addition, the team may have opportunities to assist in the medical clinic.

  • Team Leader: Pastor Chae
  • Dates: July 27 th – August 2nd


India Team

The participants for this trip must have short-term mission trip experience and ethnography training in order to qualify. The main purpose of this trip is to research and learn from the “As Our Own” ministry.

  • Team Leader: Pastor Tae
  • Dates: TBD

Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia Summer Team

The summer team is designed for those who are considering a long-term commitment in the future. The members of this team will fully experience the lifestyle of missionaries and learn to understand the battles on the mission field. They will attend a Thai language school and engage in the ministry under the guidance of our Four Year Team. This team will also travel to Vietnam and serve the ministry of a NLF House Church missionary.

  • Team Leader: TBD
  • Dates : June-July


Thailand Team

The short-term Thailand Team’s main purpose is to encourage our Four Year Team and help serve at the Centre. The team will conduct a Photo Contest/Banquet and a Cooking Class to share the love of Christ with the university students there. Also, they will have one outing with the Bethany Home Kids and visit the Agape Home, where they will reach out to a family caring for a child with HIV/AIDS.

  • Team Leader: Chan Do
  • Dates: November 16th – 29th
Free Burma Rangers

Free Burma Rangers

Our purpose is to encourage David Eubank and his Rangers to know that we care about their mission. The team will participate in the Free Burma Rangers training camp with local indigenous people. Because the training is challenging, you must be physically fit to join this team. We recommend members with law enforcement and/or military experience to participate.

  • Team Leader: Michael Chung
  • Dates: December 1st – December 14th


Vietnam Team

The Vietnam Team will work with our House Church missionary by teaching English to the locals and by visiting orphanages. The team will also visit poverty stricken areas to share the hope we have in Jesus with the children. We are recruiting Vietnamese-American members of our church to take ownership of this trip.

  • Team Leader: Ray Bennett
  • Dates: July 19th – July 31st


Urbana 2015

We are recruiting 30 people to participate in the world’s biggest mission conference. Participants will worship with over 16,000 Christians from all around the globe and learn about God and His missions. This is a potentially life-altering opportunity to learn from missionaries around the world and seek God earnestly for His calling to the mission field.

  • Team Leader: Michael Yee
  • Dates: December 27th – January 1st

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