Short-term Trips

2018 Mission Trips

Yunnan, China | June 2-11

The China Team will Travel to Yunnan, China to visit a House Church medical missionary who has been ministering to local leprosy villages for over 15 years. You will also visit local minority communities and learn about outreach efforts to Myanmar and Laos.

Roca Blanca, Mexico | June 3-10

Roca Blanca

The Roca Blanca Team will travel to Southern Mexico to assist missionaries serving rural villages to conduct VBS and to assist in a medical clinic.

Nicaragua – Spanish Translator | June 18-22

Our House Church Missionary needs a Spanish translator for a theology class they are providing for local pastors.

Thailand Summer Team | June – August

The members of this team will fully experience the missionary lifestyle. They will attend Thai language school and engage in House Church ministry under the guidance of our Long-Term Team.

Managua, Nicaragua | Aug. 26 – Sept. 1

The Nicaragua Team will work with our House Church missionary as a vision trip to see how we can get involved with what God is already doing in Nicaragua. Seeking God on how New Life can further efforts in making everyone in Nicaragua know and to follow Jesus.

Opportunities available for:

  1. Anyone related to medicine, dentistry, nursing, pharmacy, optometry, and oriental medicine can come and serve at the clinic.
  2. Anyone interested in education can come and do VBS for small children or teach English and Math for high school students who are studying for the college entrance exam.
  3. Anyone musically oriented can come and do Praise &Worship with the local congregation and teach the local worship team.
  4. Anyone strong and skilled who can do maintenance around the center.
  5. Anyone with special skills who can help with job training.

Thailand Fall Team | November


The short-term Thailand Team’s main purpose is to encourage our Long-Term Team and help serve at the Centre. The team will conduct a Photo Contest/Banquet and a Cooking Class to share the love of Christ with the university students there.

Vietnam Vision Trip | Winter


We will be joining our House Church Missionary to look for future opportunities to serve the growing church in Northern Vietnam. There is very limited room for Vietnamese speaking brothers.

Yucatan (Merida) Mexico | December 15-23

The Yucatan team will be ministering to the rural indigenous village of San Antonio Sodzil, thru a Christmas gift drive and relationship building to share the Good News and restore hope to impoverished children at risk.

Thailand Medical Team | January 5-12, 2019

The Thailand Medical Team will be providing primary medical care in villages along the Thai-Burma border in a place called Umphang. In partnership with the Thai Public Health Department, we will be serving refugees who have settled on both sides of the border that have little or no access to healthcare. The greater purpose of this ministry is to help further our relationships with the local communities and to help team members gain a deeper understanding of God’s mission in a cross-cultural, faith-stretching context. Must include at least 3 medical professionals (doctors, PA’s, nurse practitioners). Rest can be nonmedical folks—optometrists, dentists welcome.